• Stories that foster change,
    turn us back toward each other,
    and remind us of who we really are

tugged in different directions

“I’m an only child, so the lack of me time is a struggle, as selfish as that sounds. I have fifteen minutes inView full post »

Dual worlds

“I have the advantage of going to work. I tell some of my coworkers that don’t have kids, “You think thisView full post »

in awe of the miracle

“Everyday I look at them and think this is just the most incredible thing. Because we did the IVF and we saw theView full post »

live in each moment

“Time goes by quickly. You don’t always catch the small yet large leaps in their development. From rolling overView full post »

I think they’re funny

“I think they’re funny. I love watching what they’re doing. So I’m not bored hanging out with them.”View full post »

100% enough

“I was talking with another friend that stays home and I was saying, I feel sometimes that when people ask me,View full post »

Why I work hard

“Playing with them is the best. Coming home after a long day, and being able to sit down, and they run and giveView full post »

Tender Places

No one told me parenthood would break me. Beat me down with its impossibility. Dismantle me. No one told meView full post »

what we don’t know

“I still don’t know what I don’t know. I may get to different stages of their life and want to know somethingView full post »

never for a million years

“I’ve always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I come up with these things I could do, all these great plans. ButView full post »