• Stories about parenthood
    that foster change,
    turn us back toward each other,
    and remind us of who we really are

I Know What You Mean

When you tell your story, I know you. Your words land in my heart and I feel with you. When I tell you my story,View full post »

The whole directive

“I love them unconditionally. I’ll do anything for them. As simple as that may be, that’s the whole directiveView full post »

you’re never loved more

“It’s pretty amazing when your kids only want you, but then at the same time you’re like, ah they only want me.View full post »

a good middle ground

“The interesting thing to see is how your upbringing shapes the upbringing of your kids. And if there’s twoView full post »

tugged in different directions

“I’m an only child, so the lack of me time is a struggle, as selfish as that sounds. I have fifteen minutes inView full post »

Dual worlds

“I have the advantage of going to work. I tell some of my coworkers that don’t have kids, “You think thisView full post »

in awe of the miracle

“Everyday I look at them and think this is just the most incredible thing. Because we did the IVF and we saw theView full post »

live in each moment

“Time goes by quickly. You don’t always catch the small yet large leaps in their development. From rolling overView full post »

I think they’re funny

“I think they’re funny. I love watching what they’re doing. So I’m not bored hanging out with them.”View full post »

100% enough

“I was talking with another friend that stays home and I was saying, I feel sometimes that when people ask me,View full post »