• Stories that foster change,
    turn us back toward each other,
    and remind us of who we really are

the small novelties

“Adjusting to the lack of me time has been difficult. And the lack of time with just my wife and I. You miss theView full post »

meeting your child for the first time

“The twins were preemies. They were born at 33 weeks. My water broke it was a total surprise. And so we spentView full post »

we know what you’re going through

“When we were in San Diego, we would go out to the farmer’s market, and it’s not like Sondra tried to hide theView full post »

growing up together

“We struggled to get pregnant with the twins. We tried for a couple years to get pregnant and then ended upView full post »

Trial and error

“What I’m finding the most with having children is that everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks theirView full post »

No idea until you’re in it

“It’s a lot of things. It’s definitely amazing. It was a life changing thing and I think it is forView full post »

Everything in perspective

“It’s been hard at times. The adjustment. It has put everything into perspective now. While work is important,View full post »

unconditionally forever

“We will love them unconditionally forever. There is nothing they could do that would ever stop us from lovingView full post »


“I think it’s the hardest I’ve ever worked at anything in my life. I think that sometimes I look back and I’mView full post »

an entirely different meaning

“My life has taken on an entirely different meaning since becoming a dad. I feel blessed and lucky not only toView full post »